OPI Axium Gel Manicure Q & A

Q: What Gel Manicure product do you use?
We use Opi Axium Gel manicure product.

Q: Can I get a Gel Pedicure on my toes?
Absolutely, the cost is $40 unless you would like a french/white tip then the cost is $45.

Q: What is the cost of a Gel Manicure?
The cost is $25, unless you would like a french/white tip then it is $30.

Q: How long does it take to get a Gel Manicure?
Typically it takes 1/2 hour on the first visit. When you return you will need to soak off your color that is an additional 15 minutes, so please allow for the extra time.

Q: Will a Gel Manicure ruin my nails?
A: Typically a Gel Manicure will not ruin or weaken your nails however if you pick or peel your color off you could potentially weaken your nails. The Gel color bonds to the nail surface when you pick or peel the color off you could potentially pull nail surface with the color.

Q: How long does a Gel Manicure last?
A: Opi claims that the Axium Gel Manicure lasts up to 2 weeks and beyond. In our 1+ year experience with the product we have found that to be true, but some clients have had it last up to 4 weeks.

Q: How is the Gel Manicure removed?
A: When you come in for a Gel Manicure if you already have Gel color on your nails we will gently buff the top coat surface with a file to break the seal, then we soak cotton with a specially formulated compatible solution (that is gentle on your nail and skin) and wrap your nail with tin foil. This product needs to soak your nails for approximately 15 minutes. This process is used for optimal results.

Q: Is there a charge for just soaking off my Gel Manicure color?
A: If you are getting another Gel Manicure color put on there is NO extra charge, if you would like to just have the product removed we charge $10.

Q: Can I remove the Gel Manicure color myself?
A: The answer is yes, you will need to use the same process as mentioned above but will need to use Acetone. Acetone is a very harsh substance when it's used to soak for 15 minutes it will dry your nails and skin significantly.

Q: Can I get a french/white tip with the Gel Manicure?
A: Yes you can and the extra charge is $5.